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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Agencja we believe everyone can play their part in contributing towards a better society and world. No matter the size of the company.

Wherever we can we endeavour to conduct our business in the most ethical and socially responsible manner. In conjunction with our suppliers and our clients developing and supporting sustainable solutions to achieve social, commercial,  and environmental targets

At Agencja we consider and take corporate and social responsibility for our business activities at every level. Everything we do is clear and precise, in addition, our contribution to the community is simple and understandable.

We want to invest in our community and contribute to the further development of modern values while maintaining the spirit of tradition.

We believe in CSR, and not just accepting it as corporate culture project. For us at Agencja, this is a behavior that we bring with us wherever we are.

Agencja supports:

Hope Welfare Trust

Evergreen Community Derby


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