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Zee Boutique



Zee Boutique is a local fashion and accessories shop that is based out of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire that we helped transform into an incredibly user-centric eCommerce website. At Zee Boutique customers can shop for inspiring children’s and ladies Asian fashion, whether in person at their boutique store or from the comfort of your their home.

eCommerce Web Design, Mobile Optimisation, WooCommerce

What we did


The Brief

Like many fashion brands, Zee Boutique needed to reposition online to be able to target a wider audience to stay relevant. They decided to move away from traditional asian fashion to more modern designs and styles. They launched a fashionable new range aimed at mainstream consumers, including collaboration with major Pakistani fashion manufacturers.

Creating a  gorgeous website for a luxurious fashion brand can be quite a tough ask. It’s a remarkably complex process of blending minimalism with a stunning design and maximum functionality.

And of course, we had to balance it with the e-commerce needs of the business to make the shopping experience seamless

Project Overview



Phase 1 -Prototyping

This e-commerce web design project was driven by content strategy to develop an engaging product catalogue site, and create new content for both search and user experience. We wanted to provide engaging opportunities for visitors to get to know Zee Boutique, with more content around sustainability, environment, and community involvement. The update also included creating unique experiences for customers in the UK and Europe 

Phase 2 - Style Concepts

The new Zee Boutique website design included a fresh brand reposition. The logo, colours, and typography would stay the same, but the overall style needed to be updated to match their fresh new store setup. The objective was to keep the website simple to stay true to their passion for Asian fashion, while adding vibrant splashes of colour with amazing fashion  photography.



Phase 3 - Develop

Site speed was paramount so we ensured that the code was clean and simple, without any bloating, so that the site would load fast and help Zee Boutique use the website as an integral part of their marketing and sales efforts. We kept to the project timeline and budget, and delivered a website which is now vital to their sales and marketing.

The Results

The new Zee Boutique website feels youthful and fun, and as fresh as their fashion. We were able to use WooCommerce to deliver custom experiences to different regional audiences, and create a powerful ‘Where To Buy’ functionality to drive conversions.

The content strategy is significantly stronger, with improved lateral navigation opportunities between products, blog posts, and ingredient information. Their brand storytelling is further elevated through Instagram activity integration onto their homepage.

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Organic Traffic Increase


Driving Marketing Growth

We Are Ajencia

Zee Boutique came to us as an established Asian ladies fashion store with a loyal instagram customer base. They were looking to grow their eCommerce presence and make their clothing products more accessible throughout the UK and within the EU.

We worked diligently with Zee Boutique to create a seamless eCommerce experience for their customers, so they could easily browse, reserve, or purchase any of Zee Boutiques Ladies Asian fashion online.

We designed a user-centric experience that highlighted their extensive range of asian ladieswear, as well as provide them with an area to add events and special offers. Together we crafted a highly visual and easy to navigate experience to welcome visitors, online or in person, to the Zee Boutique community.

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