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Quality Policy

Chief Executive Officers Statement of Commitment:



Quality in everything we do is integral to all our working practices. It is critical to the success of our business and our long-term sustainability and profitability.



Ajencia value the contribution of every employee in the company. We will always treat employees with dignity and respect and promote a positive quality environment in which everyone can learn and grow. Ajencia will maintain a safe working environment complying with all statutory, regulatory, corporate and customer requirements.



Ajencia depend on our customers and we are committed to providing them with efficient service and high-quality products and solutions that always meet or exceed their needs.



The Company’s senior management team is committed to showing leadership and bearing responsibility for creating, implementing, and maintaining the Quality Management System.

We undertake to ensure sufficient resources are made available within the Company to achieve this by employing the services of a Quality Assurance Manager. We further undertake to ensure through communication and engagement that Quality is the aim of all members of the Organisation.

With effective leadership and support, every employee and self-employed contractor will have a proper understanding of the importance of the Quality System, their responsibility to contribute to its effectiveness, and its direct relevance to the success of the Company.

Every employee and self-employed contractor are responsible for enforcing quality within their specific duties.


Continuous Improvement

Ajencia has a total commitment to demonstrating Continuous Improvement through rigorous application of the principles and practices of the companies Quality Management System in accordance with the framework laid down within ISO 9001:2015.


Evidence Based Decisions and Problem Solving

Ajencia will measure the performance of our processes and activities with customers, clients and partners to provide data to support positive decisions on how to resolve problems and improve our processes.



Ajencia will strive to prevent pollution and conserve natural resources, adopting the three principles:




This policy forms part of the Health and Safety Policy and all staff are responsible for compliance.  This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Health and Safety Manager to ensure statutory compliance

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